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Lab History

The State Key Laboratory of Virtual Reality Technology and Systems (VR Lab),sponsored by Beihang University, is the first national science & research base in China to conduct basic and applied research in the field of virtual reality.The members of the laboratory include teachers and postgraduates from the School of Computer Science and Engineering, School of Control Science and Engineering,School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, and the School of Biological Science and Medical Engineering. The VR Lab is devoted to technological innovation and system development in virtual reality (VR) through interdisciplinary collaboration.  

The laboratory's major research directions are Modeling Theory and Method inVR, AR and Human-computer Nature Interaction, VR Internet Technology,Development Platform and System for VR.

After years of effort, the VR Lab has established its superiority and specialty inthe discipline of intersection and integration, and made much headway in both theoretical research and system development Specifically, it has developedsoftware systems such as the real-time 3-D graphics platform, BH-Graph;distributed interactive simulation platform, BH RTI; created experimental environments to support related VR research, such as a force-feed back environment; and designed and fabricated a variety of devices. Examples ofthese devices include the haptic device, devices for natural phenomenon data acquisition and modeling, devices for mobile real-time video acquisition and modeling,devicesfor the experimental simulation of human blood circulation, and a series of application systems that have positive social and economic benefits. These application systems include an ingenious simulation system for the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, a rehearsal scheme and decision systemfor the National Day parade, a video-based virtual scene generating system, atopological design for Cockpit, human-computer environment ergonomic sevaluation, augmented-reality collaborative working environment for the maintenance of key aircraft components, and full-mission flight simulator withsix degrees of freedom.

In the next few years, the VR Lab will focus on three research areas:(i)digital modeling of human organs and virtual surgery, (ii) data acquisition and simulation of natural phenomenon, and (iii) augmented reality technology and methods.

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